Thursday, April 21, 2005

(DV) Blum: The Anti-Empire Report #20

(DV) Blum: The Anti-Empire Report #20:

"Some questions for God

Word from Rome was that the favorite to become the new pope had been Cardinal Giusseppe Sicola of Italy.  But his candidacy failed because other cardinals were reluctant to have a Pope Sicola.

I would love to have been in heaven to see the pope's face when he discovered that there was no God.  As some people would love to see my face in heaven as I was confronted by God.  The difference is that John Paul would be terribly shocked, while I would be thrilled, although I'd have a number of questions to ask the Lord:

1) Who do you admire more -- the believer who goes to church and does good deeds because he hopes to be rewarded by you or at least not be punished by you, or the atheist who works to enhance human rights because that's the kind of society he wants to live in and not because he'll be judged in some future life by you?

2) Do you recognize al Qaeda as a faith-based initiative?

3) Why did you allow John Paul to work against liberation theology in Latin America?

4) How did this world become so unbearably cruel, corrupt, unjust, and stupid?  Did it reach this stage by chance, by -- you'll pardon the _expression -- evolution, or did you plan it this way?  Or did the devil make you do it?

5) Is it true that if you wanted us to go naked, we wouldn't have been born with clothing on?

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SheaNC said...

Okay, time to think of some questions...

Here's one from the comedian Gallagher: Why did God put your nose upside-down over your mouth?