Saturday, April 23, 2005

Rice Doctored Terrorism Report

Rice Doctored Terrorism Report
: "Mr Waxman said: 'There appears to be a pattern in the administration's approach to terrorism data: favourable facts are revealed while unfavourable facts are suppressed.'

Once again the american people are spoon fed filthy lies by the neocon nazis. You idiots that voted for this piece of crap administration deserve the chaos that unrestrained criminal capitalism is going to unleash on this country. The rest of us, we are just going to have to suffer your stupidity.


Kender said...

Suffer my stupidity you bonehead....suffer it gladly knowing that handout to lazy slackers will come to an end.....shut up, get a job and grow up.....and while you are at it go learn what a nazi is so you won't be wrongly labeling people.


SheaNC said...

Kender, you pathetic cretin. Why do you always proceed from a foundation of ignorance? I would call you an asshole, except assholes have a function in the grand scheme of the universe; while you only seem to exist to listen to your own whining.

You don't have a clue who Mike of the North is, or what he does for a living, do you? Of course you don't. The more ignorant you are, the easier is to be Kender.

Mike of the North said...

Jesus kennie! Is that really your picture? (insert stifled smirking laugh here)

Yep you're right I think I will grow up and get a job.

Maybe if I try really hard I can become a gutless sycophant, mindlessly sucking repuke dick and bending over to let them have their way with my nether regions, JUST LIKE YOU!!!

You are my new hero kennie!

Main Entry: sycophant
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: caterer
Synonyms: adulator, apple polisher, back scratcher, backslapper, bootlick, bootlicker, brownie, brownnoser, crawler, cringer, doormat, fan, fawner, flatterer, flunky, footlicker, glad-hander, gofer, groupie, groveler, handshaker, hanger-on, lackey, lap-dog, lickspittle, minion, parasite, politician, puppet, slave, sniveler, spaniel, sponger, stooge, toadeater, toady, truckler, water boy, yes-man

SheaNC said...

His picture says "village idiot" loud and clear.

Interesting thing: his profile shows various attempts involving identification of himself as a "troll". I don't know if you're into newsgroups, but for those who read this who don't know, a troll in a newsgroup is a lowlife idiot who shows up anonymously and makes stupid, inflammatory statements simply to provoke people. Their only purpose is to piss people off. They are considered the lowest form of life. It figures that shit-for-brains Kender would be one, too.

Kender said...

Pissed you guys off good though didn't I?

SheaNC said...

Yeah, I figured as much. You are a worthless piece-of-shit newsgroup troll who couldn't handle being laughed at all your life, so you try to compensate by provoking others from the safety of your little hiding place. Coward.

Kender said...
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Mike of the North said...

I don't get pissed off at IDIOTS!!! like you kennie.

You just prove my point that anyone that has half of a brain can get ahead in the u.s. because there so many morons like you out there.

You should give up trying to debate people and go back to cleaning horse stalls, I'll bet you are pretty good at that. And being good at something is something you can be proud of no matter how menial the task is.

btw. the little editing job on my post at your feeble little site proves sheanc was right,

you are a sniveling little coward.

WhyNot said...

ROFLOL, this is excellent, and as good and even better than Shea promised me.

Yep, Kender is something. Only Mad CAO beats him in the fascism department, plus she's as boring as hell, whereas Kender genetic stupidity is entertaining.

BTW, he's running a contest here:

Seems I and Shea are in the running, but you're not. Dang, you should complain :-]

Mike of the North said...

I can't qualify! I really don't hate kennie, pity, regard with some measure of disgust, look upon in absolute wonder at the unbelievable spawn of a drunken farm hand and the succculent rear of a particularly winsome young sow.

But hate is such a strong word, and certainly an emotion that poor kennnie is incapable of producing in a reasoning human. ;)