Thursday, March 24, 2005

(DV) Bageant: Sunday in a Red State

(DV) Bageant: Sunday in a Red State:

"“If Jesus reappeared on earth tomorrow it would probably be at Daytona or a Cracker Barrel Restaurant.”

-- Punk Wilson, local wiseass

Indeed, Cracker Barrel has to be the most appropriately named restaurant chain in America. The last time I entered one with an out-of-town black friend, nearly all heads turned in unison toward us. My friend took one look at the wall-to-wall porky white faces and said, “Get me back to the fucking car. I can grab a happy meal on the way out of Deliverance.”"


windspike said...

I know some places folks would rather drive twenty miles with a flat tire than stop for assistance

Mike of the North said...

Oppressed white folks can get might mean, mighty fast.
The real shame is their inability to correctly identify the real enemy. Instead, they just keep voting them into office.

Glen Dean said...

Speaking as a cracker (also a daygo) from a red state who grew up around NASCAR, listening to Lynnard Skynnard, I must say "I love me some Cracker Barrel, mmm mmm." Wait a minute Mike, Alaska is a red state too.

Glen Dean said...
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Mike of the North said...

Yep, AK is pretty red alright. I manage to blend in pretty well tho'. I'm big and white and can act pretty stupid, I was born in OK and raised in AZ , love fried okra and black eyed peas, guns, fast cars.. I fit in pretty well. I even like cracker barrel, to bad we don't have one up here. I guess I'll have to settle for moose chili!