Thursday, March 03, 2005

(DV) Reichel: Hunter S. Thompson and Constitutions

(DV) Reichel: Hunter S. Thompson and Constitutions: "All that has ever changed the world for the better are those who have fought for radical decentralization of power. Grand projects like continental constitutions are designed to serve the powerful few, who will quickly find their buddy within Brussels for carrying out their corporate interests. A neo-liberal Europe is not a united Europe: just a Europe tyrannized by a handful of giant corporations.

Hunter S. Thompson would describe this as business as usual in politics. He once wrote:

“Some people call politics fun, and maybe it is when you're winning. But even then it's a mean kind of fun, and more like the rising edge of a speed trip than anything peaceful or pleasant. Real happiness, in politics, is a wide-open hammer shot on some poor bastard who knows he's been trapped, but can't flee.”"

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