Tuesday, March 22, 2005

The Loyal Opposition

The Loyal Opposition

Bush had behind him in the 2004 elections the most organized, powerful, and disciplined political group in the US: the Christian Zionists. Operating quietly and with high efficiency, right wing fundamentalists in the US have a solid infrastructure and a huge, dedicated membership. Bush and the Republicans are only a front for them. There are three reasons behind their strength - they are politically ambitious, they have no opposition to work against them or to warn others of their control of the political will in Washington DC, and they are out of their minds, believing that they have been personally chosen to implement Biblical prophecy and be saved. 

Targeting this bloc should be the role of any grassroots movement that is serious about changing the policies of global destruction now reigning in Washington. A force is needed with a clear political agenda to represent growing sectors of US society who oppose the ongoing imperialist and Zionist rampage. This force should have been the antiwar movement, but it is not so. People who claim to be working for peace and justice in the US don't even use the words "imperialist" and "Zionist" - a symptom not only of their inability to do anything about the causes of the war, but of their own very unseemly involvement in those causes. 

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