Tuesday, March 01, 2005

How Dare Some Say, 'Support our Troops'?

How Dare Some Say, 'Support our Troops'? : "The pointless death and maiming of this war is pure insanity and probably even criminal. In this war, many times those who died in the World Trade Center have been wounded or killed. Over 1,400 American soldiers are dead, over 10,000 soldiers are physically wounded while uncounted others are psychologically wounded, and, by some estimates, over 100,000 Iraqis have been killed and maimed.

How can the killing be justified? Are we going to destroy a nation and kill its people to save it? We tried that once before.

Support our troops?


Anonymous said...

we support of troops because many of them are there not by choice. They did make the choice to serve, but not where or how to serve. The sacrifices they make are so that you are free to live and speak as you wish. Sure you can speak as you have done here, but that places you quite low on the evolution ladder, somewhere close to pond scum.

SheaNC said...

Anonymous (who'll probably never be back but anyway): Soldiers do have a choice. They can't predict their orders, but they do not have to obey them. In fact, they are compelled by law to disobey an illegal order. History is full of soldiers who chose to follow orders to do unjust, illegal, depraved, immoral, bloodthirsty acts. They're the pond scum.

Oliver North had a choice. And George W Bush had a choice... he didn't even have to show up!

Mike of the North said...
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Mike of the North said...

Plah Hoo! Again a brilliant retort was thwarted by the demons of technology.

So now that I've calmed down a bit let me make a reasoned attempt to argue my point...

Jane, you ignorant slut...

I have friends whom I hold very dear that are heading into this conflagration of the doomed. I fear for them.

The reasons for sending them into this senseless war are based on lies put forth by an administration of criminals, that are part of a government of criminals, that identify themselves as republicans and democrats.

Fuck them and fuck you.

The right to free speech was not granted to me by the death of anyone.

The right to free speech was granted to me by GOD!!!

Look it up in the Bill of Rights dip shit!!!

Besides, you can't possibly believe in evolution can you?