Monday, March 07, 2005

Italian jounalist's account of the shooting.

AxisofLogic/ Iraq: "The driver started shouting we were Italians, 'We are Italians! We are Italians . . .' Nicola Calipari dove on top of me to protect me and immediately, and I mean immediately, I felt his last breath as he died on me. I must have felt physical pain, I didn't know why. But I had a sudden thought: I recalled my abductors' words. They said they were deeply committed to releasing me, but that I had to be careful because 'the Americans don't want you to return.' Back then, as soon as they had said that, I had judged their words to be meaningless and ideological. In that moment such words risked to take the taste of the most bitter truth away. I can't tell the rest yet."

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